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Ground Penetrating Radar • Concrete Scanning & Imaging 

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Are you confident you know what is within your structure?
The most important quality of our service is to isolate the hazards in your concrete and find you a safe place to cut or drill.

Your new designs critically depend on knowledge of the exsisting structure!

Why is Concrete Scanning beneficial?

Safety when cutting or coring                                                              Structural Integrity

     • Cutting a gas line can be fatal                                                           • Severing a post-tension cable can be dangerous and
     • Cost you future work                                                                            compromise structure, not to mention, very expensive to repair
     • Project delays                                                                                    • Structural engineers often prefer you avoid rebar
     • Be extremely costly

                                                   At Accurate Scan... ACCURACY COUNTS!

GPR can accurately detect and map metallic, non-metallic (sometimes) reinforcement, pipes, post tension cables and current carrying electrical in and below slabs to a limited depth. GPR can often detect flaws and voids, the absence of mortar in concrete block walls and tile. We can verify the slab thickness, determine the depth and size of the object in most cases.
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